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We built confidence, we offer all types of home services and out door services including shopping, delivery and rides. Please visit our site or simply dial 03067210123, 03367210123

Our Credible Incredible

My name is Rohail Ahmad. I got my B.Com Degree from Punjab University Lahore in 2007 and started ACCA from CFE college Lahore, meanwhile applied for UK for my professional studies of ACCA. Being in UK I completed my MBA along withACCA. Recently I have moved back in Pakistan and gort influence by digital marketing business. So luckily got chance to be the part of 123 team and alhamdulillah moving ahead with every passing day.

Our credible incredibles

My name is Muhammad Tahir. I started my career in banking sector in 2006 and worked in different sectors in dubai and abu dhabi on managerial posts till 2018.Then moved to Pakistan and decided to establish an onward business.With the blessing of almighty ALLAH i started and my business is moving ahead every day passing.

What We Offer

Alhamdulillah, We proudly offer our following services.


Just let us know that what you are in search, We will shop and deliver at your required place.We are offering two type of deliveries.

  1. Shop and delivery.
  2. Pick and delivery.


Complete laundary soloution

Our complete laundary solution including packages start form just 999 Pkr terms and conditions apply.

book a ride

First time in your city jhelum we are offering insured ride up to 15000 Pkr. We are offering two types of rides.

  1. Bike ride for men only.
  2. Car ride for all.

How It Works


Make us a call

Let us know what you are looking for through call,message or whatsapp.


Plan Your order

Plan your order requirements. Its either shop and deliver,pick and deliver or ride.


Schedule Your order

Let us know your order scedule. InshaaALLAH our credible team will be there in just 30 minuts.


Tension Free offer

Register yourself with 123 in just 999 Rs.and enjoy free transactions through out month ,fair policy applies upto 20 transactions.

Contact us

Why You Like Us


Best Prices Around is serving with best prices around, either you choose our shop, delivery or ride services

Very REsponsive

we are very responsive and dedicated to our clients

Secure and trustworthy is secure service. very competent and skillfull staff for your best solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 Your satisfaction is our confidence. Our priority is your choice and our

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Office No.4, Metro Trade Center, Almarkaz Road. Jhelum Punjab 49600

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